We are a company dedicated to women’s health at every stage of life

Our long-standing commitment to women’s health does not stop at pregnancy and breastfeeding.

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Our Mission

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These values are what have earned Duchesnay USA the respect, trust and support of stakeholders in the medical community worldwide.

Our Values

Duchesnay USA abides by the highest standards of excellence, innovation, integrity and collaboration.

These values are what have earned Duchesnay USA the respect, trust and support of stakeholders in the medical community worldwide.


Guided by our commitment to continuous improvement, efficiency and safety, we add value to everything we do daily. We are results-oriented and constantly monitor our progress, always with deep concern for quality, health and respect for professional standards.


Every decision we make is guided by our unwavering commitment to honesty, openness and transparency.


Proud of the products we offer, we never stop innovating and invest in research and development in order to present new and better treatment options to improve health of women and their family members at every stage of life.


Collaboration amongst our employees, partners and suppliers is key to our success. By leveraging our ideas, talents, expertise and common strengths, we contribute to improving the patient’s well-being.

Where It

In 1970, Duchesnay started as a family-owned pharmaceutical company in Québec, Canada.

In the late 1980s, a family member experienced a difficult pregnancy, but was unable to obtain treatment due to a lack of information regarding the safe use of medications in pregnancy. Following this event, Duchesnay officially shifted its focus in 1992 toward developing medications that are safe for use during pregnancy, thus becoming the first pharmaceutical company dedicated to safeguarding the health of pregnant women and heir unborn babies.

How It’s

In 2011, Duchesnay expanded to the United States and established Duchesnay USA to provide American women with access to a safe and effective treatment option for nausea and vomiting of pregnancy (NVP), commonly referred to as morning sickness, when conservative management fails.

Today, our long-standing commitment to women’s health is stronger than ever, with a broader portfolio of products to offer therapeutic options that meet the health and quality of life needs of women at different stages of their lives.

Corporate Compliance and Ethical Responsibilities

Compliance with all laws, regulations, company policies and other best practices applicable to the organization by all Duchesnay USA employees is critical to Duchesnay USA’s professional standards and corporate success. Duchesnay USA’s Compliance Program incorporates the fundamental elements addressed within the Office of the Inspector General’s (OIG) “Compliance Program Guidance for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers”.

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